7. Aug, 2013

We made it! 1 year old............

🙂one year old -we were so happy. A rocking horse was our special gift to Melissa and she did love to snuggle her head into it's mane. We all took turns supporting her have fun on her horse. It was well worth it for all the smiles.  Happy memories. Our challenge continued to be that Melissa was not happy to just lie or sit - she wanted to be part of the action and we had always been a busy family.

A concern I felt was could Melissa see properly? and could she hear?  Looking back these were questions that were never really addressed... though I am certain when she was lying on the floor she reacted to the vibrations of the children playing the piano...by enjoying it!  She enjoyed all music.

Her vision was affected by bright light and we needed to keep her shaded from bright lights with curtains pulled etc car windows darkened as well once we realised the full extent as to her body's reaction to bright light. Special sun glasses were made for her whenshe was about 7 years old..