22. Aug, 2013

suggestions we were given to assist development....reach milestones!

-encourage child to look - by calling out her name

- playing with hands and fingers - move hands together so they touch, intertwine and rub together.  Take apart and rejoin.

- Make hands wave.  Tie bright ribbons around the hands to attract attention.

- encourage child to reach for an object by supporting elbow.

- ensure child has plenty to look at - prop her up and move frequently.

- allow child to mouth objects as much as possible.  Encourage mouthing by stimulating lips etc with toys of varying shape and texture and by moving child's hands containing toy up to the mouth.  (We did find it hard to find small, light toys and not so small they could be swallowed).

Demonstrate to child - she needs to imitate you.

Show child a variety of objects.  Let her reach out and handle them.  Call to her across the room and encourage her to follow your movements.