1. Oct, 2013

more tips to aid development....

🙂  use music - our daughter loved music - she had her own cassettes and Trade Aid shops often had good easy to use musical toys.

Other things suggested to us were bounce her on the bed, swing her in a blanket.  She did have an indoor swing and that allowed me some time for me as well as keeping Melissa happy.

She loved watching balloons, and watching her siblings blowing bubbles.

Let your child splash in water!  That was a bit more difficult as Melissa could not spend time outdoors - so we bought a paddling pool and she sat in it with a carer and they would have water play.  Another activity she really enjoyed.

I think her favourite messy activity was playing with Dad's shaving cream - she loved it - as you can see by the photograph!!

  It often was a challenge to occupy her as she was always wanting to be on the go.

That is about all the list of development ideas.  there are a few more we could not do for reasons of her health - am happy to share if you they could be of help!