13. Dec, 2015

Hair Cuts

Cutting Melissa's hair - what a challenge!  She had very fine hair and needed a proper haircut.  She had only had quick trims in the past.  We took her to a hairdressers in town.  This turned out a disaster.  Something I would never have imagined / never have given a thought to.  She was all right about having her hair cut - no problem - but before it was finished she was gagging and I had to get her out of the salon.  The problem was the smell!  Another learning to add to our long growing list - Melissa was unable to tolerate the smell of hair lotions.

We were soon to realise perfumes, scented soaps, deoderants, aftershave all could make her ill.  Flowers were also included.  Any of these smells could set her nose running and eyes streaming and then the vomiting would begin.

Our solution was to occasionally have a hairdresser home visit to manage this.  🙂