18. Mar, 2021

data I had collected

Found this it may be of interest :

at birth weight was 2395gm or 5lb 31/2 ounces  `- 1 month was 5lb 141/2 oz length 48 cm.

2 months was 6lb 131/2 oz   3 months was 7lb 9 oz   6 months was 9lb 8oz  and 531/2 cm

1 year  was 12lb 8oz and 61cm.  She smiled at 12 weeks. Sat with help at 11 months but could fall.  Sat alone aged 2.  Rolled side to side at 6 months.   Giggled at 13 weeks.  Was tube fed for the first 9 days.  Teaspoon fed with milk ending up with isomil and solids at 4 months. Had a physio visit each month wit an early intervention programme put in place at 1 year old.