Living with Trisomy 18 / Edwards Syndrome - our journey

This is sharing of an amazing experience our family had in caring for our youngest daughter born with Trisomy 18 also known as Edwards Syndrome.  It was a venture into the unknown and after being told we were unlikely to take her home as her disabilty was said to be incompatible with life - there was little we could do but take one day at a time. In New Zealand Trisomy 18 was almost unknown,  so as a family we felt there was little else we could do but love our wee girl and treasure each moment and day we had with her. 

I have written this book pictured here on the right in order to relate how her disability impacted on family life and share all that Melissa taught us about life!

ISBN13 softcover: 978-1-4797-9350-1      ISBN13 ebook: 978-1-4797-9351-8

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Throughout Melissa's life we were blessed with a rainbow that appeared many times and still today we are aware of the rainbow and how special a wee girl she was and how her life has touched so many all over the world.


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17.03.2019 05:04

Nykia Clark

Is she full T18?; i have a two month old FT18. What a blessing God has given to your family.

17.03.2019 19:56

Jo Murrell

Yes Nykia Melissa was full trisomy 18 and lived nine years teaching us so much about life@!

11.02.2019 12:02

Wendy thompson

Our daughter is 6 months pregnant with our grandaughter who has been diagnosed with trisomy 18. We want to keep the pregnancy while doctors are telling us that her condition is incapadable with life.

11.02.2019 20:02

Jo Murrell

Unfortunately the incompatible with life is what is the standard general response to this how ever many children have survived. we were told unlikely to get Melissa home, she lived 9 years!

17.06.2013 03:55

Jo Murrell

this is a link to my Facebook page on the same issue