26. Jun, 2013

feeding tips - how we managed!

Feeding our daughter was the biggest challenge  - looking back it was a huge challenge all through her life. Success was measured by the number of spoonfuls that were kept down! She was continually sick / choking and I was really aware of the aspiration pneumonia risk. I bacame exhausted and could no longer express my milk due to lack of time and energy....was Melissa going to starve to death? Our plunket nurse bought me samples of milk powder to try - we tried isomil and could not believe you drank all of the first bottle.  So that was the decider - for Melissa - Isomil was the one she tolerated the best - we used the ready to drink tin.  We also started with 'solid' food earlier than normal.  Using apple baby food (tinned) and again it seemed to work and gradually weight was being gained. 

We also used a beanbag as seating for Melissa especially after feeding to keep her upright - that worked well - only issue we needed to be aware of was her overheating while sitting in it - as maintaining her temperature was a challenge too.