3. Jul, 2013

Melissa's own table and corner seat (shown in equipment used)

The occupational therapist gave us a play table that had a corner seat -  the seat had a bit that stopped Melissa from slipping down, as she could not sit unaided. So now Melissa could be seated at her table and be safe.  My next challenge was to find toys that would attract Melissa's attention.  She needed a lot of encouragement to even touch the toys - however over time this did happen!

Melissa gave me her first smile age 6 months old.  An amazing moment.  Her Dad and I at long last now knew our little girl did recognise us!

As we had been told out time together could be very short - as a family we set out to make memories.  I took many photograph as shown in our book but I also took photos for another reason -  to ensure I was not missing anything. 

When you are with someone 24/7 you can miss signs of change which can be noticed in a photograph.