14. Jul, 2013

Tips we learnt along the way.....

Firstly I need to emphasise every child is different.  I can only share what worked for us!

Constipation a real problem - in the first few years prune juice with her cereal helped until about age 3.  It took us a long time to realise her vomiting was due to the constipation!!

Melissa was seldom bathed in the early years.  She got so cold so easily we found tiring her out was unnecessary! We learnt to just top and tail her and use little water on her skin as it became rougher with water and instead we oiled her with cold pressed safflower oil.

Melissa had no immunisations.

When she was upset and cried - this led to immediate congestion causing her to choke that would end in vomiting though this did improve with age.

In hot weather when out in the car Melissa would overheat. We found no way to prevent that! She could also overheat in her pushchair or bean bag.

We always carried a letter outlining Melissa's condition so in the event of seeing a different Doctor the particulars were written down and this saved a lot of time!

Melissa seemed unable to digest our food even when moulied.  She would eat it quite happily but after the meal would vomit... so we found prepared tinned and jars of baby food were more tolerable.

Melissa was fed little and often.  We fed her 2 hourly throughout the day.  Liquid i.e.her Isomil milk was spoon fed - to prevent choking!

We found daylight and open / fresh air would cause her to become congested.  In a glare she would close her eyes.  Dark glasses were tried from age 1 - 3 yrs old but not really successful. To avoid issues we would not have her in a room with open doors and windows. When older she had a covered in pushchair and we could try walks in the evening when the sun went down.

Bringing up her wind was difficult. This was the cause of a lot of vomiting though this improved too with age. We quickly learnt too not to try to force feed her as she would vomit.  She needed to be kept upright after feeding.  She seemed to know when it was ok to eat as she grew older!