24. Jul, 2013


Life I guess is about memories! Happiness on the face of our wee girl when she moved her walker backwards for the first time! Melissa's face just lit up showing how happy she felt. Music was another enjoyment and even the vibrations the boys made,  received a smiley response. Melissa loved cuddles and when left alone became bored easily.  At times it felt as though Melissa would cry to get attention -  we had learnt to respond quickly in order to prevent the vomiting that would often follow crying.  Melissa became fascinated by her own fingers - moving them and at times would seem mesmerised by them. 

Eye infections presented as an issue. Each morning we had to carefully unstick them.

some of the special milestones

1st (real) smile at 6 months old -  rolling over at 9 1/2 months old - recognised and responded to a toy at 1 year old - at 14 months old Melissa touched my chin, she held it and smiled at me -