11. Sep, 2013

Continuing with development ideas we were given!

🙂this is take 2  - the original disappeared - so hopefully new tips for you!

Use a piano - use the keys for a reaction

When lying on back suspend objects above ie. a broom handle across 2 chairs (tied at each end) is useful.  Hang interesting objects within reach

Crumple silver paper or foil

touch ice cubes

Place an easily squeakable toy where hand / foot is likely to touch / drop.   This can start to capture interest.

Musical mitts:  sew a little bell onto the tip of child's mitts / gloves

Turn baby's face to you so you are face to face.  Keep mouth steady and make big eye movements

Look at baby face to face and smile.  If she doesn't smile then gently tickle

so have a go and love to hear how it all goes...........all the best till next time🙂