23. Oct, 2013

more tips - more of our learnings...

This photo shows the clasped hands! however to be fair they did not present as an issue and did not stay clasped as we were always touching them etc in the early months they were clasped as Melissa slept.  Really she grew out of it.

We struggled with eye infections - in the morning it could be difficult for Melissa to open her eyes as they were often stuck together - again something she grew out of!

My focus / top priority was to give our daughter every chance to reach her potential.

All the extra input and support took a lot of energy!

At 4 months old Melissa recognised Mum and Dad

We got our first real smile at 6 months

She was rolling over well by 9 !/2 months old.

At 10 months old she could stand assisted with straight legs!

Age 11 months Melissa copied lifting her arm up ( 3 Times) - a huge effort! She could even pick up a rattle while rolling!

She enjoyed passing a rattle of rings from hand to hand.

At 14 months she moved her walker backwards.  Great effort and excitement!

At 14 months she also touched my chin and smiled.