14. Nov, 2013

Issues we faced with bright light!~

When in bright light Melissa would develop red sore streaming eyes and sneeze non stop with subsequent nasal congestion!

The same symptoms as when she overheated.

Special glasses were made, tinted and with an ultra violet screen.  For short periods they seemed okay but because there was leakage of light at the sides they were of limited use!~

Bright light indoors meant she would have to be in the room with her back to the windows to reduce the glare.  This was very restricting for family life.

Solutions:  were side screens on her tinted glasses, screening around her pushchair and car seat.  Obviously it followed evenings were best for outings and eventually window blinds in her playroom that could be altered as required to channel the light away from her.

We were desperate to be normal!  many times we felt so inadequate and as though we were way out of our depth providing the right care as there were no real answers.

Hence my sharing our experience in the hopes I can support other families!