20. Dec, 2013

Happy times

😘🙂any achievement however small was celebrated.  Exciting moments when Melissa moved her walker backwards (it was not important she could not move it forwards) though we did feel her frustration.  She tried so hard!. She loved her bicycle.  We got the first size bike with trainer wheels and had it adapted We bought gloves - as she was tactile defensive and did not like touching things.  Once her hands were in the gloves they were attached to the handle grip with velcro so she had to hold on.  We used small straps to hold her boots on the pedals.  Melissa loved it!  🙂  She rode through the house a she could not ride it outside because of the light.  Luckily we had plenty of room for her to ride inside.  It became our daily exercise.  You could see she felt free.  She could also see everything at her own height.  I remember back to all the fun we had - happy times.