19. Dec, 2014

came across this progress up date I had written

For Your Interest - progress for our daughter Melissa - written 1991 when she was 3 years old

She is now 3 years old - sleeping well and is playing at an exploratory level.

She has some good visual tracking and is doing some initiating!

There is sound making and she is sitting with good stability.

Melissa enjoys kneeling and can stand in a corner and shift weight and twist around before falling.

We have come through this year with excellent health, good weight and height gains.

Moving from town into the country has caused no problems and we feel sure has contributed to the great progress Melissa has made.

She still has her teacher for 2 hours Monday to Thursday and a  student after school each day for 2 hours.

Melissa now has 6 meals a day and is still on isomil to drink.

Her constipation problem has been solved thanks to Milk of Magnesia.

We are only too happy to be contacted by anyone needing support.