8. Feb, 2015

assesssment results:

12.04.1990  Her 2 yr old assessment

Although Melissa does not like handling sand she is particularly interested in the bucket.

Two handed play going well i.e. –banging two blocks together

Plays with finger paint with hand over hand method.

NOTICES shiny silvery things – seems aware of red.

Good eye contact when being spoken to.

Copying some sounds immediately after you.

Expressing feelings with tones.

08.06.1990 assessment

Whole body action noted when Melissa claps her hands.

Effort made to ‘find’ fallen objects.

Looks for a toy in the basket.

Pleased with own achievenments

Standing for several minutes at the sofa with out assistance of others.

Range of sounds increasing.

Volumn control in vocalising.

Drinking small amounts from cup.

Assessment 18.09.1990

Melissa tuned into her environment.  She makes noise to get attention when a third person is in the room talking to Josie.

Melissa’s arms let her down in physical activity.

More curiosity apparent.

Good head control now.

Standing well at coffee table.

Long strings of babble.

Using some single words.

Taking interest in books and pictures.

Tactile stimulation required.