7. Jul, 2015

I came across the other day - our rainbow !

this was my first writing course assignment!

A symbol of great love and a symbol giving immense hope.  Some years have passed  now since the long awaited birth of a very special baby.  The baby was the new addition to parents who had a deep inner need for this baby to complete the family.  Within an hour of the caesarian  birth there was concern  for the well being of this precious wee life.  Finally the death sentence was voiced..... this child has a condition that will not allow it to lead a normal life.  The deep inner need for this child was still within this family and then a decision by the family was made to do everything within the parents' power to give their baby a chance.  The power the family had was one simply of love, a great love and a hope.  It was not easy, but with an unexplained strength the family cared for this baby realising each day may well be the last.  However they were determined to give this infant the chance the doctors had virtually ruled out.  At four months of age this much loved wee person was admitted to hosptal with a pneumonia like illness.  To the family it was obvious that the hospital staff were expecting the worst.  

For a week this baby was surrounded with increased prayer, constant touching and love. She fought with incredible strength and finally was given her last chance, a change of medication. It was a miracle, the almost immediate new lease of life.  Her mum, so emotional by the constant caring of her child turned to the window to hide her tears of relief and thanks, to be greeted by the most wonderful sight of a perfect rainbow. Again that hope was there.  

That chance of life renewed.  A very difficult journey still takes one day at a time but again and again during those first precious years of the wee one's life the rainbow has shone and generated new energy to a family in desperate need.