13. Oct, 2015

3 years old report

thought I would share my observations re 3 year milestone!

Celebration of thanksgiving and joy and feeling positive still making the most of each day! Melissa had a support persom coming into our home for 2 hours 4 mornings a week patiently teaching her to play incorporating her sitting and standing skills.  Many milestones never dreamt of have been reached.  Melissa, a loving child who loves to kiss us and who had recently found enough mobility to initiate a kiss herself, by grabbing our hair and pulling us towards her.  Also can now use her baby walker by pushing it backward. Her progress is rewarding. Rolling on the floor easier even managing to roll over her arm that seems to be in the way.  Not much progress re feeding but in a good routine of 4 meals a day and 2 bottles.  All food still tinned or baby food in jars - other food causes vomiting issues.  It has taken this long to sort out what Melissa can digest.  Still using isomil formula.  She has a 2 hour sleep each afternoon and bedtime starts around 9pm sleeping through to 8am.  some nights are sing song nights when she just can't get to sleep. a good year healthwise with 2 short spells in hospital - the first she screamed nonstop and was really upset the second her colour was not right and she would not feed or eat for about 4 hours.  Hospital observations provided no answer so we returned home each time non the wiser. Still waiting on a special pushchair cover to allow us to go outside for some walks.  hoping this sharing may help others

sharing a photo waterplay inside as she couldn't play outside without vomiting!🙂