31. Oct, 2015

Happy to answer any questions..........

our biggest ordeal was sleeping actually not sleeping.   Still in hindsight have no idea as to the reason.

To sleep in the daytime (at age 5 ) we went with a routine of an afternoon rest - no difficulty sleeping at this time of the day - in fact she would sleep so well we had to wake her.  If bored in the daytime Melissa would suck her thumb, go to sleep and miss even meals - which is why we woke her.  So why the issues at night?? I cannot understand - but if her burps/ wind was not up that meant she would not sleep and sometimes that could take till 2 am or close and then she would give in and sleep.  Seems that  was the main reason.  And as a baby we just held her so she could sleep as when she was lain down in bed she could not sleep.🙂