27. Nov, 2021

why do I need help/support

🙂  I wrote this when Melissa was 8 years old when I knew in my heart her care was far too much for one person to manage and Iwas frightened,

Why do I need Help/Support

Time to shower and wash my hair

time to have breakfast

time to answer phone and make calls

to have a cuppa or have a friend over

to spend time in the garden

to go for a walk

to do family shopping

To do Melissa's shopping, get chemist and hospital supplies

to attend Parent to Parent meetings

to go to the toilet

to knit and sew for Melissa and my grandchildren

quality time with family, time to be a mum

to keep in touch with other family members

to sit relax and reflect

to find time for making memories....good memories

to have sufficient time to keep my sanity, time to reflect and maintain my spiritual and emotional wellbeing


01.03.2022 19:08

Harry Martin

I was looking at your website and noticed it appears the word "cemetary" is spelled wrong. I had similar problems on my site until someone mentioned it to me and I also now use software from SpellPer