20. Jun, 2021


All new Carers were given this     Important things to remember

Please wash your hands – on arrival, before food preparation and after nappy change.

IF UNWELL or if unsure DO NOT COME TO WORK  ie sore throat, cold or viral infection and sneezing or runny nose.

Melissa’s Doctor suggests: all carers have the flu injection, you need to be trained in CPR,

Please ensure youyou know how to use the pager,  no perfume can be worn, please ensure you

Do not smell of cigarette smoke.  SHOES OFF in lounge to keep the carpet as clean as possible

Read the BOOK ON ARRIVAL from the day you were here last and please fill it in before leaving.

ANY QUERIES – please ask.  THANK YOU.

This is written to ensure Melissa’s safety. In spite of this we had a time when whilst showering Melissa started to gag and we discovered that the steam had released the tobacco smell in the carer’s clothes.

The above are precautions to ensure Melissa’s survival.  Prevention is the key.  Also it is important to document your time with her as more people are working with her.