Sharing that which we learnt........

Our wee girl wearing her pink dress I had knitted for her.


I believe it is of value to share Melissa’s life story.

On reflection Melissa’s life was an amazing experience for me.  I have always felt it was important our life with her was documented, as perhaps, a learning experience for others.  It is essential to realise the difficulties a family can face when a child is born with a disability, or acquires a disability.

When writing our story I was aware I have at times repeated what we did or how we managed various situations, I have done this with purpose.  I feel they deserve to be included, as they have been repeated in different contexts.  There are also stand alone documents I feel are of value. 

I also believe it is necessary for professionals to realise and acknowledge the difficulties families can face. 

We were determined to do our best for our wee girl and our family focused on this.

As individuals, our family coped with the situation in different ways and learnt so much about each other and ourselves.  We were part of an amazing journey of faith.

Melissa changed our lives forever.

Thank you Melissa.